Spheres VR with Darren Aronofsky at Rockefeller Center

The harmony of celestial bodies in motion—the “music of the spheres”—has always inspired the human imagination. Now, after breaking records at Sundance earlier this year, the cosmic virtual reality series SPHERES made its public premiere at Rockefeller Center, running January 18 to March 3, 2019.

Directed by Eliza McNitt and executive produced by Darren Aronofsky, SPHERES takes the viewer on a journey through the mysterious visual and sonic beauty of outer space, exploring such phenomena as the revolutions of the planets, the rings of Saturn, and the emergence of a black hole. Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith narrate the three chapters of the series (“Chorus of the Cosmos,” “Songs of Spacetime” and “Pale Blue Dot”), which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Virtual Reality Immersive Story at the 2018 Venice Film Festival. The score is by Grammy-winning artists Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (Stranger Things).


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