Current Projects

is a new creative studio founded by old friends. We create meaningful cultural experiences, ranging from events and immersive happenings to content, physical objects, and more. We believe ideas and people come first, the medium second, so we take a boundless, multi-disciplinary approach.

The projects we get most excited about foster:


Togetherness is the spark needed for creative fire. We know great, impactful ideas are rarely created in isolation. So we embrace collaboration, value our relationships, seek to form new ones, and have a special affinity for communal experiences that bring people together physically, digitally, or philosophically. By fostering a sense of togetherness in our work, we increase the potential for inspiration, innovation, empathy, and community.


Having met and worked together at the David Lynch Foundation, it comes as no surprise David Lynch’s words have left a lasting impression on us. He frequently talks about consciousness, what he calls the “I am” of life, the “Self” with a capital S, the thing we are all born with and may have lost touch with over time—as individuals and as a collective community. It’s also the thing that acknowledges we are here and while we are, we have choices to make about what to do.

We approach consciousness as something worthy of exploration and as something that can be expanded in everyone. Our work reflects the belief that art and the creative fields are a way to help people encounter and discover parts of themselves they haven’t clearly recognized before. We also champion what is good for collective consciousness—things like diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability. We believe the best work, the most memorable and impactful, is work that helps people explore their inner selves in ways both big and small.


In today’s world, it’s all too easy to take a gloomy view of the problems life presents. We’re continually made aware of world problems and are often hyper-aware of our own personal ones. Hope, it seems, is essential in solving just about any issue. Sometimes, the only difference between failure and success is nothing more than the ability to embrace an optimistic sense of what is possible, giving us the energy to see solutions through. It’s our view that hope is something we can never have too much of. Hope is something to celebrate, nurture, and practice in our work and beyond.

Yael Greenberg

is a Creative Producer with a background in live concerts, cultural events, and partnership development. Before Current Projects, she worked at the David Lynch Foundation, served as cultural engineer for Ace Hotel and produced numerous experiences for partners like Red Bull Music Academy, Kickstarter, RYOT, and more. She works as a producer and manager to artist David OReilly.  

Mindy Ramaker

is a Creative Director and Producer with a background in film, cultural events, and branded experiences. Before Current Projects she spent more than 10 years working with the filmmaker and artist David Lynch and served as Creative Director for his Festival of Disruption. She also created products and experiences with partners including Squarespace, Polaroid, Obey Clothing, Bang & Olufsen, Sleepy Jones, and more.

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